Mobile App

The need for tourism businesses to keep up with the spirit of modern times, which requires simplicity, speed, convenience and reliability in the services and trade, prompted us to design and implement an innovative mobile application. This application will be a milestone for the presence and representation of hotels in new technology (smart phones & tablets), will offer a new major distribution channel and also an opportunity to effectively communicate their services to the consumer (marketing message).

The adoption of the above have innovation in a hotel will create value (value) on two levels. Initially the hotelier who takes a personal tool for presentation and promotion of business in reaching the youth groups ( 18-44 years) are the most frequent users of new technologies and the most desirable, age, customers. Additionally, for the consumer who acquires a handy, versatile tool to complete the booking immediately his design effectively outings, have at all times with the suggestions and useful tourist and traffic information for the area. The standard business application package AppEar is the response to social, economic and technological imperatives facing tourism businesses worldwide.